Power Quads Sand Volleyball Rules

Due to the number of teams in the league, we have to incorporate Bayside and Airport parks in Colchester as well. This means that there will be one bracket playing at Bayside, and the other two playing in Williston. Which brackets play in Colchester will rotate throughout the season (not every week, but in groups of weeks). Teams are also re-ranked each week, so please make sure to check the schedule each week to make sure you are driving to the right location!

To view the schedule and stats each week, you can find them at two locations:


Game Play

For game play rules, we are using the USA Volleyball Quad beach regulation rules (Note: There is a difference between Quads and doubles beach rules!). These rules are different then indoor rules, so please make sure you understand them. Here are some of the hightlights, and a couple of league variations: Playoffs
Playoffs will occur during the final week of the season. Due to the lack of light at that time of the summer, we will be starting promptly or earlier if possible. Please try to get to the courts as early as possibe!

Park Rules

Because we play in more than one park and one town, park rules will vary depending on where you play. Please ensure you understand them before playing there. See below for the important rules that most effect our league

Regardless of which park you will be playing in, there are some basic rules for each park: