Essex Power League Volleyball Rules


1. Games to 21, 23 point cap, need 11 points to win a game.


2. No players can switch teams after the second week without approval of both team captains and the commissioners.


3. Subs/Guest Players (not on any roster) can play on more then one team, but not on the same night and not in the final night of regular play or the playoffs night.


4. Players all ready on rosters cannot play on any other team. No one can play on two different teams in one night, even with permission of both captains, unless one team declares a forfeit.


5. To play in the last night of regular play and or the playoffs, all players must be on a team roster and have played at least two nights during the season.


6. The first serve of the game is always given to the team playing closest to the wall.


7. Referees will ref forfeited matches as if they were scheduled matches. Just because you game doesn’t count, you should still get to play as if it does.


8. The official ball of play in this league is the Official Men's Molton Pro Touch and should be used in all games, unless both captains agree to use another ball. A disagreement does not mean taking turns using a different ball in each game.


9. Four players are required for a team to play. If playing quads, a back row player cannot hit in front of the ten-foot line. There are no ghost players.


10. If an additional player arrives mid-game the team must take a time out to place the new player in the correct position. A 6th player must enter in the middle back. A 5th player must enter in the back left (not serving position).



11. For standing. The league is divided into three brackets:

 (1-6) (7-12) (13-19) A team cannot move up or down more then one bracket in the standings each week.


12. Set up, breakdown, and clean up teams are also required to set up and breakdown scoreboards, clean up at the end of the night, and help carry equipment to the car Breakdown teams are also required to make sure the win loss sheet is filled out.


13. Unless an error is discovered there will be no changing of schedule after it is posted on Thursday before we play.


14. Penalties for forfeiting: Teams showing up with less that 4 team players will forfeit 1 game per match. Teams that do not show up at all and have not called the commissioners 3 days in advance (call or email by midnight Monday) will forfeit 2 games per match and get additional set up take down duties.